Heat Dissipating Fan-DC Fan-Shenzhen Zhongwei Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Our Advantages

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  • Years of Experience - Professional Strength

    Heat Dissipation Products Company with High Quality Management and Talents and Modernized Management Model

  • Quality Source Control and Strict Quality Supervision System

    High cost performance, self-produced raw materials, source quality assurance, high-quality material selection, industry-leading production technology, many years of experienced skilled workers dedicated to manufacturing

  • Perfect service system, let you worry about the whole journey

    Customized according to customer needs, only produce products suitable for you, a strong service system, a stable logistics distribution system, convenient, fast and labor-saving.

  • Price concessions to customers

    With skilled technicians of our own development team level, we can reduce production costs, reduce product prices, give you preferential prices and lead in cost performance.




Heat Dissipating Fan-DC Fan-Shenzhen Zhongwei Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Zhongwei Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a heat dissipation product company with high-quality management and personnel, modern management mode. Long-term focus on research and development of high-performance long-lasting cooling fans, years of research and design experience of cooling fans, so that the company's cooling products in the market are very replaceable, the production of DC fans, AC fans, blowers, cross-flow fans, EC fans, waterproof fans, purifier fans, has been widely used in various types of electronics. Products, mechanical equipment, power supply, medical treatment, purifier, stage lighting, automobile, refrigeration and heat transfer, beauty equipment, sports equipment, LED lamps, stage lighting equipment and more than 60 industries.



Shenzhen Zhongwei Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Contact person: Mr。 Huang

Mobile phone: 13510969898

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Address: 5th floor, Building B, Dalang and Shengjia Industrial Park, Longhua New Area, Shenzhen

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